Technical Services


Giving an added value to customers has always been top priority for the UK Carbon & Graphite Company. In order to bring one of the most exclusive, complete and complimentary technical services around the world UKCG after studying the Americas market has added to their technical service department an ex-AMIGE regulation specialist.

UKCG service goes beyond only monitoring and troubleshooting electrode parameters but giving full technical regulation analysis, recommendations and adjustments to improve furnace operation.

Technical Services

Electrode I2T Optimization

I2T is an electrical measurement that gives an electrode consumption value during furnace operation.

  • Evaluate with periodical I2T changes.
  • Identify when electrode consumption has increased and find the reasons why.
  • Lower I2T with efficiency without impacting Power On times.

Preventing Electrode Breakage Analysis

Optimize and Fine tune regulator’s electrode protection systems and / or develop logic to implement protection from:

  • Scrap Cave-Ins (Inverse over-current curve logic protection)
  • None Conductive Charges. (NCC logic)
  • Loss of furnace reference. (Grounding Checks)

Power Curve Analysis and Develop Power Profiles

Obtaining real power curve data to determine actual furnace operation in order to develop and modify actual or new Power Profiles to achieve:

  • Efficiency: Decrease Kwh/Ton, Electrode consumption.
  • Productivity: Decrease Power On Time.
  • Avoid operational Issues: Arcing with roof, Refractory wear, Scrap Accumulation, flicker reduction, Stability Factor control, plus many more.

Additional Services

Review reactor tap effects, Increase transformer taps, Assist with Transformer Changes, Regulator Maintenance, Tuning and Troubleshooting, Stability Factor Control for Electrical and Chemical (Carbon Injection), Check Phase Rotations, Reduce Flicker Affects and much more.

In order to complete a full service UKCG Industrial Services supports its sister company The UK Carbon & Graphite Company by offering specialist assistance in improving and creating steel grades, foamy slag practices, refining, casting and other processes to increase melting potential. With an experienced metallurgist of over 15 years heading up this company UKCG complete a full and rounded technical team dedicated to bringing down your melting and refining costs.

“Finding the problem is just the first step, giving a solution and solving it, is our commitment. This is what really makes the difference.”

Technical Services Director: Alfonso Martinez
[email protected]

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