Products & Services

Steel & Foundry Sector Services

UKCG-IS offers the foundry and steel making industry with reliable technical assistance, consultancy and training in specialised areas such as refractory, refining, metallurgy, casting and overall end product quality maximisation.

UKCG-IS offers Latin American foundry and steel industry with a ‘spent product service’; e.g. broken graphite eletrodes, worn rollers, old equipment and any other kind of ferrous and non-ferrous industrial surplus materials can be recycled and traded through UKCG-IS and UKCG Group companies.

Import/Export Sales Representation Services

UKCG-IS can offer international companies a local interface within the Chilean steel and foundry market assisting with sales, shipping and after sales service to those companies wishing to enter the Chilean steel and foundry market with a local, reliable and knowledgeable partner.

UKCG-IS can offer Chilean steel and foundry customers access to international specialised markets within the UK, Europe and North America.

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